The never ending set of garb (Part 2).

The story of the cyber yellow garb continues. I had this brilliantly, bright, yellow, linen fabric and it needed to be turned into something. Pennsic was coming up and I needed something blue, gold/yellow, or silver/white. Enter the new linen and a crazy idea to completely hand sew using period techniques. Where to start looking for the if I’m going to do this I’m going to do this right. Being in the SCA for many years you either know people or know the people who can point you in the right direction. I knew many of the common stitches, but was not very good at finishing seams. I mean they are on the inside, right, who would know. Unraveling, catching on things, and sturdiness are only part of the reason to finish the seams and complete the piece. Flat felling the seams was the answer and I threw myself into how to do this. I talked to people on Facebook groups, looked through YouTube videos, how to sites on the internet, and many period source books. In the end I had completely finished, completely hand sewn a dress to wear with a bit of hemming help (it is hard to pin a hem when its on you).

Sewing the seams

I used a combination or running stitch and back stitch to sew together the seams of this dress.

Running stitch in progress.
Back stitch on load bearing seam.