The never ending set of garb (Part 3).

For those of you following along… Now I had a completely finished dress, flat felled seams and all that I wore proudly to Pennsic War 46 in opening ceremonies to herald in the Barony of Concordia of the Snows as part of the East Kingdom. Flash to a few weeks after getting home and I am getting ready to go to a demo and I need something crafty to do with my hands. A little bit of research and I have a period pattern to put on the dress with embroidery. Welcome learning and teaching myself to chain stitch. I did not have the appropriate materials to do couching so the chain stitching began. Linen dress… What thread to embroider it with silk or linen. With opinions and consults from friends we went with linen. It started with double bands around the neck arm holes and cuffs and built from there.